YEC 2022 Highlight Video

The Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) is a weekend event, hosted by SBCV in Virginia Beach, Virginia at London Bridge Baptist Church every January. The event specifically caters to Junior High and High School students on the topic of evangelism. Each year the event has a new theme and theme passage. The theme for this year’s YEC was SENT. Based on John 20:21.

IFR helped create the theme’s artwork and assets for the conference. The clients wanted a more modern look that appealed to students (something that could translate easily to a T-Shirt and the students would want to wear). We wound up going for a neutral color palette with illustrative assets and typography.

With the brand established, IFR filmed on-site during the conference, collecting B-roll, interviews and high-quality footage of the event. With all of these pieces, we created a 3-minute highlight reel that summarized the overall feel and success of the event, using the branding as graphics that could be placed throughout the video. Along with interviews of both youth leaders and the students’ experience, the viewer can get a first-hand account on the impact that the YEC Conference has on the youth, giving positive promotion for the event.

Category: Video, Media
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