Branding Package


Production to include a logo, tagline, style guide, and other promotions.

Custom Promo Video


Custom video production up to 2 minutes to compel your audience.

Logo Animation


Custom logo animation up to 30 seconds for branding videos and LIVE events.

Premiere Graphics


25 hours of design to assist with projects like banner stands, newsletter, invite cards, brochures, flyers, etc. *Does not include logo design.

Intro Video


Graphics-based intro video up to 90 seconds for social media posts, events, and church services.

Logo Development


Design of a logo to include all final files needed for various media uses.

Limited Graphics


10 hours of design to assist with smaller projects like banner stands or postcards. *Does not include logo design.

Website & App Services

Prices Vary

Websites and apps play a key role in engaging your congregations. We have a partnership with Subsplash. For exclusive pricing, click here.

Details, services, and prices are subject to change at any time based on market prices and in coordination with the Client. Prices do not include printing costs or travel expenses.


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