Harvest Church Communities Logo

Harvest Church Communities contracted Innovative Faith Resources (IFR) to rebrand their church located in Ashburn, Va. Harvest is a unique, multicultural church in that it only meets once a month in a large group setting (even pre-COVID restrictions). The rest of the months they meet in house churches throughout the Northern Virginia area.

The church considers themselves as a modern church and wanted a logo that reflected that and communicated to a variety of cultures the idea of who they are. They specifically desired a logo with separate icon and typography.

IFR’s Creative Director Bobby Puffenburger (designer) researched the demographics of the area, identifiers in the community, and who was moving into that region of Virginia.

The challenge for this project was creating something with simplicity that also communicated well. It would have been easy to go with a wheat field, or wheat stalk as the icon, but even that idea would not resonate with so many different ethnicities. Narrowing the concept down to the idea of a home with the negative space of the “H” in the icon hit the mark and the client loved it.

Category: Logo, Branding
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