Goshen Baptist Church Logo

Goshen Baptist Church was a 150 year old church located in the middle of the rural and city areas of Goshen, Va. Over the years, the church broadened their outreach to schools, essential workers, and the community of Goshen in general. As such, they wanted a new brand that would reflect that they are a church that cares for its community. They also wanted to create a second brand look to celebrate their 150th anniversary.

Wanting to respect the traditional heritage of the church but still wanting to reach a modern crowd, the client didn’t want a simple “churchy” logo (a bible, a dove etc.) but they didn’t want to look like every other community church out there either. The logo eventually came to a simple square shape with arrows pointing outward to draw attention to the mission of loving and serving the community, while the cross sitting within the arrows is highlighted in another color to show the intersection of biblical application to one’s life.

Category: Branding, Logo, Graphics
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