It’s hard to believe Innovative Faith Resources kicked off just this year. Since January 1, we’ve produced all sorts of media, marketing, branding and financial services to dozens of ministries across the nation.

This organization is growing so quickly. Starting in 2012, we will have a total of seven full-time employees. This growth has provoked a need for more space. Our 2,000 square foot office in Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia has already expanded. We acquired an additional 800 square foot office next door. We cut a whole in the wall and installed a door to make a nice transition into the new room.

IFR now has six Macs spread through the office to handle all of the projects knocking at our door. We were blessed this school semester with two interns from Liberty University, Brian and Barney. Both graphics majors, they helped produce quality work. And, they have surpassed the required 180hours needed for their internship! It has been a joy to work with these two professionals.

Until next time – watch your vision take flight!

– Ishmael

Posted on November 21, 2011 in Blog

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