Gov. McDonnell’s “Year of the Entrepreneur” Video Project


Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell recently made a visit to Lynchburg to participate in a roundtable discussion about his “Year of the Entrepreneur” campaign, as well as to sign legislation to ease government regulations on creating new businesses. Held at Central Virginia Community College, the discussion featured local politicians and business owners, who highlighted the important role of entrepreneurship in stimulating the economy.  The event was a joint effort put together by the Governor’s Office, the Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce and Region 2000, a conglomerate of organizations that promotes economic growth in Central Virginia.  We at IFR were given the opportunity to film this event and create a video of it for Region 2000 and the governor’s office.

Live shoots always require quite a bit of preparation, and this one was certainly no exception.  We arrived at the college long before the governor or any of the roundtable members to analyze the room and figure out the best way to film the event.  With three cameras in our arsenal, we put one camera at the back to get static wide shots and placed the other two on the wings of the room to get medium shots and close ups.  For audio, we routed the college’s public address microphones into the static camera.  We also supplemented this by putting shotgun microphones on the two wing cameras, just in case something went wrong with the college’s audio system.  With everything set, all we had to do was wait until everyone arrived.

The conference began with an introduction by the president of the college, who then passed it off to a representative of Region 2000.  It was here that the conference encountered its first major audio/visual problem: the PowerPoint slide show would not work.  Fortunately, we are going to integrate that slide show into our video, so the information on those slides will be seen, after all.

Eventually, McDonnell took the podium, and he delivered a speech on the vitality of entrepreneurship to Virginia’s economy.  Meanwhile, we continued to get excellent footage.  When the conference transitioned to the roundtable discussion, the second major audio/visual problem arose: some of the college’s microphones for members of the discussion were not working.  This resulted in poor audio for the audience.  However, our own equipment was still working well.  The shotgun microphone on our nearest wing camera did a decent job of picking up what was being said.  It isn’t perfect, but live shooting rarely is.

After the conference, we interviewed several politicians and businessmen to see what they thought of the event.  Their opinions offered valuable insight and perspective on the discussion and will certainly make an outstanding addition to our video.

This was a wonderful opportunity for IFR, and we look forward to doing more of this kind of work in the future.  If you’re hosting a similar event, be sure to contact us!

Posted on June 19, 2012 in IFR Project Review

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