Facebook Timeline: Some Things to Know

So, it’s that time of year again, when Facebook has decided to change its layout and at the same time confuse and possibly frustrate some of its users. As of this week, the new “Timeline” layout will be mandatory for all brand pages. This includes churches, businesses and other organizations that use Facebook pages.

But alas, we come bearing good news. Research is already showing that this new layout is increasing engagement with followers. A 46% increase per post on average, to be more specific. Engagement is measured by “likes,” shares, comments, etc. According to Entrepreneur.com, this can be attributed to the increased flexibility and size of photos and videos. So calculating for inflation, with Facebook Timeline, your pictures are now worth 1460 words. Content is still, and always will be, king, and that content should include quality pictures and video with your posts.

Here are a few more tips from Entrepreneur.com:

  • Experiment with photos and video. The brands in the study that took advantage of multimedia content fared the best.
  • “Star” and “pin” your status updates, photos and videos. When you “star” a photo, it calls attention to the post by doubling its size and expanding the width of your Timeline. “Pinning” a post keeps a story or article at the top your Timeline.
  • Create an editorial calendar. Use it to guide your content on Facebook and to experiment with the frequency and timing of your posts. Stick to your copy deadlines. Visually, the new format is pleasing to the eye, but stale content is likely to turn off fans.
  • Conduct your own study. Measuring your Page’s performance will give you a better handle on the impact of the new format on your business.


Posted on April 3, 2012 in Blog, Resources

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