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Three Ways to Increase Giving in Your Church

Tithing and giving are important to any ministry, and pastors are always looking for ways to encourage their members to show support through financial donations. Consistent giving is important for day to day church operations, building programs, missions and future plans. Here are a few ways that you can build awareness about the importance of giving…

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Three C’s of Choosing a Projector

Not a month goes by that someone doesn’t ask me to give them advice on picking out a projector for their sanctuary or classroom. Of course, I’m happy to help when and where I can, but it’s also a tricky question. No two rooms are alike and no two projector placements are alike. There are…

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7 tips to help make your Facebook site jump off the screen

Like it or not, Facebook is the giant… the behemoth (first time I’ve used that word in a blog!) in the marketing world. Want to get a message out to your congregation, donors, constituents, Facebook should be your first tool of choice. In fact, at IFR, it’s been a good week when our Facebook pages…

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Six no-no’s for your social media campaign

I thought we’d share an interesting article about what NOT to do when trying to work with social media. I understand that by its very nature, social media is supposed to be organic and authentic. But if you are trying to use social networking to get your message out, your really need to read the…

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Gov. McDonnell’s “Year of the Entrepreneur” Video Project

  Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell recently made a visit to Lynchburg to participate in a roundtable discussion about his “Year of the Entrepreneur” campaign, as well as to sign legislation to ease government regulations on creating new businesses. Held at Central Virginia Community College, the discussion featured local politicians and business owners, who highlighted the…

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