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What is the best way to communicate to my members?

Clear, concise and regular communication is extremely important in any ministry or organization. One of the great things about communication in ministry, is your members are typically very interested and engaged in your message already. They are looking for ways to help and are often already telling their friends, families and co-workers about many of…

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Three Ways to Increase Giving in Your Church

Tithing and giving are important to any ministry, and pastors are always looking for ways to encourage their members to show support through financial donations. Consistent giving is important for day to day church operations, building programs, missions and future plans. Here are a few ways that you can build awareness about the importance of giving…

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Three C’s of Choosing a Projector

Not a month goes by that someone doesn’t ask me to give them advice on picking out a projector for their sanctuary or classroom. Of course, I’m happy to help when and where I can, but it’s also a tricky question. No two rooms are alike and no two projector placements are alike. There are…

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7 tips to help make your Facebook site jump off the screen

Like it or not, Facebook is the giant… the behemoth (first time I’ve used that word in a blog!) in the marketing world. Want to get a message out to your congregation, donors, constituents, Facebook should be your first tool of choice. In fact, at IFR, it’s been a good week when our Facebook pages…

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Video in Today’s Church: Channeling the Power of Storytelling

Think back through the many highlights of your life. Perhaps, back to your first piano recital. As you stepped out onto the brightly lit stage, your heart began to pound inside your chest. Setting down your sheet music, you took a seat at the bench. As you glanced out into a sea of silhouettes, your…

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Ten Questions Your Church Website Should Answer

What if you only had 10 seconds to convince someone to come visit your church? Well, according to a Nielsen Norman Group finding, website visitors take 10 seconds to decide whether they want to stay or leave the page. This means that the first 10 seconds when someone visits your church website is critical. Your…

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Church Branding: DEFINED

Our world is filled with guidelines that describe and define. And when these guidelines are broken, definitions become lost in the shuffle. For example—What if you were playing a game of soccer and the goalie picked up the ball, threw it to one of his teammates, and then tackled the person next to him? We…

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